Xournal++ v1.2.0 – PDF注释手写记事软件

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Xournal++ 是一款支持 PDF 注释的手写记事软件,采用 C++ 语言和 GTK3 编写,支持 Linux、macOS 和 Windows,支持 Wacom Tablets 等设备的笔输入,开源免费。

Xournal++ v1.2.0 – PDF注释手写记事软件

Xournal++ v1.2.0 – PDF注释手写记事软件


  • 手写笔压力感应。
  • PDF 批注。
  • 支持以 SVG、PNG、PDF 等格式导出。
  • 不同的绘图工具和笔画风格。
  • 形状绘制。
  • 智能的框选工具。
  • 输入稳定功能。
  • 对图像插入的支持。
  • LaTeX。
  • 在书写笔记时进行音频录制和播放。
  • 支持以 Lua 编写的插件。



10ed72c Release of version 1.2.0
fbe35db Fix typo
26261ca Update changelog in preparation for 1.2.0 release
e71c278 Update authors list
db73f05 Update copyright.txt and compare_license.py
257b559 Automated version bump to 1.2.0~dev
700308a Merge Crowdin updates
df8b246 Hurd PATH_MAX
b6756e2 Update macOS modules
4449992 Correction of spelling (#4963)
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0307276 [skip ci] Update translation template
814571e Fix missing titlebar icon on wayland. (#4887)
16a1515 [skip ci] Update translation template
21263eb Add g_log messages and Xournal++ and Gtk versions to CrashLog
09d8435 Fix search box not able to receive user input when Windows IME is activated.
b104198 [skip ci] Update translation template
85f1a70 Add api function to add images on the current page
674a18d handling wether/how to insert actions to the undo/redo list is factored out to a helper function
711678d ImageHandler: split insertImage up
fb6fc84 [skip ci] Update translation template
9172ee8 Fix header includes for GCC 13
7544c64 [skip ci] Update translation template
9d6f67d Add GUI for setting default pdf export names
2eb5072 Remove unimplemented functions
b1297e5 Update Arch Linux package info
5c5b4ae Add desktop file entry SingleMainWindow=false
d0dcada Fix for scroll bug when undoing insert Page
3a8bf57 fix cursor not immediately changing issue for vertical space tool
037c5d9 mac: add script to build a .dmg
7b9e921 Fix audio recording on MacOS
c1112b5 Update poppler version
3fa4505 mac: remove obsolete build scripts
392041b mac: update jhbuild instructions and steps
1d881ad Update for new MacOS Gtk blob
9de6b9c Fix Spline handler crash after hitting Escape and starting a new spline
a59b17d Fix setting line style for selection
34cadef Fix fill enabling for selections
695eb5c Fix tool fill button activation
5ddf06e Apply reviewer feedback
37117b4 Add undo action for selection moved with keyboard
9c8538b Fix CTRL+plus not increasing font size
6e4ba22 Handle navigation keys only with specific modifiers
897327a Make number keys only activate colors without modifier
0c710fc Remove obsolete include
38d5fc7 fix the casing of the parameters of getStrokes (see #4528 (Comment))
4c8acc1 Fix rendering artefact with filled highlighter shapes
0d132df [skip ci] Update translation template
af55342 Fix failing assert when quitting "Insert Pdf page" dialog
e3e0f97 Fix 'File bug report' dialog on startup
94bb6ca Fix selection of system default Audio Input/Output device in Settings
f478cbf Fix conversion warnings in SettingsDialog
f7cac90 [skip ci] Update translation template
3242208 Add page numbering to page preview sidebar (#4693)
562eef2 fix latex formula centering
236f58c [skip ci] Update translation template
54dc023 Apply reviewer feedback
b0d9a55 Refactor key event handling
6ede52d [skip ci] Update translation template
81c1a58 Use RAII in PageView (#4792)
a778cdf Use 'auto&' instead of 'XojPageView*'
f115034 Remove unused attr XournalView::margin
b7d98c8 Use std::unique_ptr for XournalView::handRecognition
0948083 Use std::unique_ptr for XournalView::repaintHandler
af2eae7 Use std::unique_ptr for XournalView::viewPages
7417012 Changes LatexController x, y, width, height to double (#4791)
787dad0 [skip ci] Update translation template
1ad0f49 Remove Stroke::deletePoint
53fcf67 Remove unused functions or marked as maybe_unused
724540d Enhancement #4436: Made Ctrl-C Shortcut to PDF Text Copy Functionality
b811fe9 [skip ci] Update translation template
b07ead4 More RAII cleanup (#4788)
00abf4a export Appimage filename and add verbosity
d22fa07 fix filename_pattern
05efe40 Make AppImage update respect channels
5eac2d8 Add Turkish localization to some ini defines
f63c257 Use RAII wrapper in gui/GladeGui.cpp
780b1c2 Fix type of flag FormatDialog::ignoreSpinChange
7a98848 Fix filename pattern for AppImage update info
12a5913 Drop Ubuntu 18.04, build AppImage on Ubuntu 20.04
4d8b210 [skip ci] Update translation template
db58996 Fixed some compilation issues with MSVC
3d19c92 [skip ci] Update translation template
6fb4327 Don't allocate dialogs on heap
f1fd9e2 [skip ci] Update translation template
da55a1a Use UndoActionPtr instead of UndoAction*
aeb8d31 Remove dead code - newer called
062c7ca [skip ci] Update translation template
7f1184b Unit test for model/StrokeStyle and refactor (#4702)
52aa3d1 [skip ci] Update translation template
f3f7111 Deselect on undo/redo. Fix #4609
30765bc use unique_ptr for MainWindow::scrollHandling
98c7d32 use unique_ptr for MainWindow::xournal
cbff95f Use unique_ptr for floatingToolbox
5259798 Use Element::Index for element pos (#4727)
4080228 [skip ci] Update translation template
91f3d71 Move gui/TextEditor to control/tools
15361a6 Split gui/TextEditor into view/controller
c302238 [skip ci] Update translation template
64c5096 Apply include-what-you-use to headers in util/ without associated .cpp file
ce4e0f2 [skip ci] Update translation template
cadd8af set destructor to default
9a237d1 use RAII for SettingsDialog::buttonConfigs
fd5142f use RAII for SettingsDialog::deviceClassConfigs
5bff329 fix compile warnings